Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oversight of Souls - Initial Post

Eight years ago shortly after the conclusion of my first pastorate, I recorded the following thought:

“The crying need of our day is for holy men of God pastoring the church of God and being diligent in the oversight of souls” (8/7/97)

I don’t remember now exactly the events which prompted the writing down of this thought, but I have kept it with me on a sticky note through the years as I have become increasingly convinced of the point. Of course you could describe the need of our day in various ways, but I am firmly convinced that this statement does get at least to one of the primary needs for the renewal of the church in our day. That the modern Western church is in desperate need of renewal I take as a given. The things needing addressing for such a renewal are manifold; but, this issue, the restoration of a true, biblical understanding of overseeing souls, I think captures many of them under one heading. This has become a consuming passion of mine, and I have started this blog as one part of an effort to address this issue.

I intend to write as a pastor for pastors, addressing various issues from the angle of the pastorate. I think many things impinge on thinking about the pastorate, from literature to poetry to current events to exegetical and theological musings. If this will prove useful to any laboring in the oversight of souls, or to encourage some in the office of the pastor to actually begin to labor in overseeing souls, then this will be worthwhile.


BQ2 said...

Hey Dr.V, I will gladly be your first comment. Without question, in only a few blogs thus far, you have already stirred my heart with the very things that I am most passionate about regarding ministry; hard work, suffering, and full fledged faithfulness to the Word of God while shepherding the flock. I feel that my knowledge and understanding concerning these passions is small at this point, but I pray that through the molding of the Potter's Hand and mentorship by men like you and others, I will indeed grow. Thanks for your work and faithfulness to the Gospel.

Brett said...

Hey Ray! Look forward to reading your blog. Also, picked up the counter for my blog, thanks! Hope you and Tammie are doing good.