Monday, November 28, 2005

Tom Schreiner resources

Tom Schreiner has updated his faculty page on the Southern Seminary website to include many of his articles, essays, book reviews and presentations. This page is now a mine of rich resources in biblical and theological studies (including some unpublished items). Tom is a great scholar and a pastor, and it is a joy to call him a friend. These articles will provide much help, and it is great to have them so accessible.

One item related to a previous post here is an article on perseverance and assurance which no doubt summarizes some of what is found in the book by Schreiner and Caneday.

Thanks to Jim Hamilton whose blog alerted me that these items were now available.


Adam Winters said...

Yes, it is a great find, indeed. I stumbled across it by accident the week before Thanksgiving. I simply assumed those resources had always been there. And then I started to wish all the SBTS faculty could be so generous. Amd how about you, Dr. Van Neste? Don't you think its time to start updating your own web page with your latest lecture notes and theologian/pastoral resources? Your students would be most grateful if you did.

Ray Van Neste said...

Thanks, Adam, but I already have up anything that is in fit form to post. :)

Barry Wallace said...

Thanks for the link to Schreiner's articles. I finally got to read the one on perseverance and assurance, and think it's so important I wish we could make it required reading in our Southern Baptist churches! I'm eager to buy and read the book now.

It was interesting to hear him say something near the end of the article that I've maintained for years--that the typical Southern Baptist hybrid of Calvinist and Arminian doctrine is strangely inconsistent.

I've put the observation in somewhat different terms, though. An Arminian believes that he both enters a relationship with Christ by an act of his free will, and also maintains that relationship by his free will. A Calvinist believes that he is in Christ by an act of God's sovereign grace, and is kept in Christ through faith by grace. A typical Southern Baptist believes that entrance into Christ is entirely a result of his own choice, but his being kept in Christ is unconditional and all up to God!

Barry Wallace said...

Hi, Ray. I just came across a collection of some of Tom Schreiner's sermons here.