Friday, February 24, 2006

Baxter quote for the weekend

Here is one more Baxter quote as we go into the weekend. may we bear it in mind and by grace be found faithful.

“If it is not your object to teach, what are you doing in the pulpit?” (17)


Aaron said...

Hey Dr. Van Neste this is Aaron Gilbert from your New Testamnet class. I just wanted to say hey and I hope you have a good weekend! I will see you at church sunday. bye.

Adam Winters said...

Ah, a good one! Let me contribute another:

"Oh that we may cast out the dung of our pride, contention, self-seeking, an idleness; lest God should cast our sacrifices as dung in our faces." (from Puritan Paperback version, p. 201)

Ray Van Neste said...

Great quote Adam!
Thanks Aaron.