Thursday, February 09, 2006

“The Faithful Minister”

In a recent blog from Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, interim pastor Aaron Menikoff provided this wonderful quote. This fits well with my previous post, and both of these inform the discussion of video church.

The faithful minister is found preaching the gospel from house to house, as well as in a more public way; visiting the families that are under his care, expressly for this purpose; conversing with old and young, on the great subject of personal religion; mingling with the poor, in their humble dwellings, as well as with those in better circumstances; ministering the instructions of religion, or its consolations, at the bed-side of the sick or dying; and in one word laying himself out in continual labors of love toward all, as the servant of all for Jesus’ sake. The holiness of his own life particularly becomes, in these circumstances, an agency powerful beyond all others, to recommend and enforce the gospel he is called to preach. To all who know him, his very presence carries with it the weight of an impressive testimony in favor of the truth.

The Anxious Bench (1844), John Williamson Nevin (1803-1886)

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