Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Oftentimes the best way to expose error is the use of good satire. For this reason I appreciate some of the Christian satire sites on the web. This older story from LarkNews, entitled, “Church growth conference helps pastors feel like miserable failures”, is a good example. It takes a swipe at the performance orientation of so much of church thinking today- the kind of thinking that is connected with the ongoing conversation on plagiarism.


Brett said...

I love it. I also liked this one a lot: http://larknews.com/april_2005/secondary.php?page=3

Barry Wallace said...

That's a great site, Ray. I dare say only stout-hearted souls with a good sense of humor should visit it, though!!

Adam Winters said...

I've had my leg pulled by this site before I realized it was all in fun.

I read an article about kids who made up "I love Cheeses" shirts to get around their high school's religious intolerance policy (when you say it real fast, it almost sounds like "I love Jesus"). The funny thing is, I didn't think this was too far-fetched from what many people are capable of actual doing in good conscience.

Still, very clever idea for a website.

Kevin Roe said...

I especially like the testimony bee. I suppose one is awarded ten points from coming out of a drug habit, but only five for having a bad temper!

I wish more Christians took themselves less seriously. We might see more smiles on Sunday morning.