Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"We Are Ambassadors for Christ". John Newton

While up with the baby late at night, I have found I can read a little poetry. Reading in Worthy is the Lamb: Puritan Poetry in Honor of the SaviorI came across some more really good poems. I have previously posted “Prayer for Ministers” by John Newton. Here is another great one from Newton directed to pastors once more. Don’t miss that the second verse is referring to the pastor. I hope this encourages and challenges you as it has me.

"We Are Ambassadors for Christ"
John Newton

Thy message by the preacher seal,
And let Thy power be known,
That every sinner here may feel
The word is not his own.

Among the foremost of the throng,
Who dare Thee to Thy face,
He in rebellion stood too long,
And fought against Thy grace.

But grace prevailed, he mercy found,
And now by Thee is sent,
To tell his fellow rebels round,
And call them to repent.

In Jesus, God is reconciled,
The worst may be forgiven;
Come and He’ll own you as a child,
And make you heirs of heaven.

Oh, may the Word of gospel truth
Your chief desires engage!
And Jesus be your Guide in youth,
Your joy in hoary age.

Perhaps the year that’s now begun
May prove to some their last;
The sands of life may soon be run,
The day of grace be past.

Think, if you slight this embassy,
And will not warning take
When Jesus in the clouds you see,
What answer will you make?

Newton, John. The Works of the Rev. John Newton. Edinburgh: Thomas Nelson, 1841, p. 580.


Gordon Cloud said...

Very nice. Newton surely had a way of turning a meaningful phrase in a clear way didn't he?

Ray Van Neste said...

Indeed. This is an example of the value of the poetic for public proclamation.