Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Calvin Miller on Pastoral Care

Here’s a great quote from Miller’s O Shepherd Where Art Thou, which I have commended previously:

…the church that only gets big but will not care for the sick and the broken, is no church of Christ…No legitimate pastor can delegate this concern. He may delegate the care of a specific person in need, but the moment he tries to delegate the concern, the church he pastors will be gone. (p. 16)

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Perry McCall said...

I still have a hard time reconciling the large church (esp. the very large Church) with shepherd ministry. I don't say that as an attack on larger Churches and their pastors. I agree with the thought that you have quoted by Miller. I think that nurturing a true compassion and intimate concern can not be delegated. This might be the best we can hope for in a larger context. However, I think that some how we must confront an essential characteristic of being a shepherd is knowing his sheep. This seems to go beyond knowing them in general.