Friday, January 05, 2007

“Reinvigorating Baptist Practice of the Ordinances”

The journal containing my article by this name is now out. Mid America’s inaugural issue of Theology for Ministry came out just before Christmas. I have previously commented on some of my thoughts contained in this article.

This issue is varied in perspectives and strengths, I think. Here is a list of the contents other than my article:
Hershael York- Defending the new IMB policies/guidelines

Gerald Cowen- “Congregationalism and It’s Limits”
An argument for congregationalism and against elder rule. Account is not taken of a role for elders within a congregational setting

John Hammett- “Patterns of Leadership in Emerging Churches”

Earl Waggoner- “A Movement Toward a House Church Ecclesiology”

Jimmy Millikin- “The Nature of the Church- Local or Universal”
An argument against an idea of the universal church

Timothy Seal- “Church Discipline: Recovering the Lost Treasure”

J. D. Payne- “Ecclesiology: The Most Critical Issue in Church Planting Today”

Steve Gaines- “Worthy of Worship”

And an excerpt from E. C. Dargan, “Ecclesiology: A Study of the Churches” (1905)

As far as I can tell there is no information on Mid America’s website about the journal. If you wanted a copy you could contact the editor, Dr. Daryl Cornett.


Steve Weaver said...

Looks good. I'll try and pick up that issue. Thanks for the heads up.

Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Dr. V,

I appreciate the two points you raised. You may be interested to know that as I studied the scriptures regarding the ordinances this past year, I reached the same two points!

The baptism custom I have always seen in our SBC churches is to schedule the baptism at the pastor's or the family's convenience. But the NT shows that baptism was considered to be an urgent matter, and was done immediately.

The Lord's Supper custom I have always seen in our SBC churches is to schedule it infrequently, normally about four times/year. But the NT suggests that the church shared the Supper frequently---every Lord's Day or perhaps even more frequently than that.

May the Lord bless and continue to spread these truths.

Love in Christ,