Monday, September 10, 2007

Meet the Puritans

Meet the Puritans, Joel Beeke & Randall Pederson
(Reformation Heritage Books, 2006), hb., 896 pp.

This is an incredible, monumental work! This is the most significant, most helpful guide to the Puritans I know of. The book provides a brief bio and list of reprinted works of over 120 Puritans as well as a brief history of English Puritanism and an essay on how we can benefit from the Puritans. It also contains similar bios and reprint lists of Scottish and Dutch writers who paralleled the Puritans. Less people are aware of these writers. I discovered some of the Scottish writers during our time in Scotland and only more recently have encountered some of the Dutch like Herman Witsius. All of these are covered here in one volume. This is now the one stop place for Puritan overview and we are indebted to the authors for such a helpful volume.

Available at Amazon or at the publisher’s site.

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Dana Olson said...

Dr. Ray, remarkably, every attender at the Desiring God Pastors Conference last winter received this volume for free! We also received a volume of commentary by Dale Ralph Davis. The Puritan work by Dr. Beeke is monumental in size and scope. I hardly know where to begin or how to use it. But it is an incredible resource. Thank you for the comments on this book and Davis's book as well.