Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mission in Kenya

My good friend Phil Eyster, of Eagle Projects International, is in Kenya preaching the gospel and providing theological training for local pastors. He has no internet access but with a cell signal he has been able to send out updates. It was amazing to me to receive a note and this photo from him just as he was about to preach the gospel in a poor open air market.
Here is one of his recent updates describing the gospel work in the area- encouraging and convicting!

I preached a message about the gospel being true, powerful, and simple. In Kenya there are some preachers who preach a message designed to make them rich and powerful. Since Pastor Daniel is not one of these preachers, his church is not wealthy or prominent. He proclaims the simple, powerful, true message of Christ and then demonstrates that message by caring for the poorest of the poor. Among other things, he feeds people and rescues street kids; two very difficult jobs.

Following church in Kisii, we drove for 45 minutes along a washboard dirt road lined with tea farms to the little town of Sombogo. Here we found one of the daughter churches meeting in a tin hut. There were 80 people crammed into the structure. Daniel actually spent two weeks on a mission here recently from the 22nd of December to the 4th of January. They held an open-air meeting every night at the crossroads of town and everyday followed up on people in their homes. This is how he spent his Christmas holiday.

Daniel is typical of the kind of person that God has given us to work with around the world - a man of integrity, honesty, diligence, excellence, and dedication. A man whose character was forged from the furnace of trials and God's faithfulness. As a boy he had to defend his mother from his drunken father on a daily basis. He endured teachers who would beat him and send him away from class for not showing up with a notebook and pen. He would work odd jobs to earn a few shillings to purchase school supplies so he could get an education. Finally, as a young man after coming to Christ, he did not operate from a platform of bitterness, but instead was fueled by gratefulness to God for His salvation. Men like this are not easy to find, but when you do you know what a blessing it is to partner with them.

The rest of the day until 7pm was taken up visiting two more churches. I think I lost both kidneys somewhere along one of the dirt roads between churches. These churches were all started as a result of field evangelism. They meet wherever they can. Some meet in dirt-floor huts, and others out in fields under a canvas tarp. But in all cases, they are the only real Bible teaching churches available to the people.

All the updates can be seen at the epi site by clicking on “Kenya Plog.”

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Dana Olson said...

Dr. Ray, this is my experience as well: the true pastors and evangelists of the nations are not the flamboyant, the well-coifed and well-dressed, the gospel "success" propagators (perpetraters?), but rather the humble shepherds in towns and villages, the missionaries who reach out to the poor and destitute and lost, the believers who share the love of Christ, the Bible's truth, and Christian compassion and hope. I have been with them in many countries around the world. Most of these "real" churches are not large, or even huge, but modest, barely making it by American standards, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, sometimes going through very hard times. Thank you for sharing this, and God bless you.