Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Living Exegetically

My students in NT Survey turned in responses today from listening to my sermon on Romans 3. This typically turns up some good discussion, but one student statement I thought was particularly worth citing here. The student was responding to my statement that you should not be surprised to find your thinking to be in error if you do not intentionally seek to shape your thinking by Scripture. He then wrote:
“Sometimes my life is like a sermon that takes a verse and runs with it- may my life be lived more exegetically”
I don’t know if the phrase ‘living exegetically’ is original with him or borrowed, but I thought it was well put. May we provide models for living for our people by preaching exegetically that they might live exegetically. May our preaching and our living rightly represent the truth of God’s word (1 Tim 4:16).

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Adam said...

That is an amazing quote to take to heart. It deserves at least one comment. If you ever find out who the student is, tell him that truth is a philosophy of sanctification that our churches need to hear.