Monday, April 24, 2006

Review of Feed My Sheep

Since I am still not in full mode, I thought I’d link to a review I wrote a year ago of Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching , edited by Don Kistler. I found this to be a helpful, challenging, encouraging and convicting book.

The essays in the book are as follows:

Albert Mohler, “The Primacy of Preaching”
James Boice, “The Foolishness of Preaching”
Derek Thomas, “Expository Preaching”
Joel Beeke, “Experiential Preaching”
R. C. Sproul, “The Teaching Preacher”
John Armstrong, “Preaching to the Mind”
Sinclair Ferguson, “Preaching to the Heart”
Don Kistler, “Preaching with Authority”
Eric Alexander, “Evangelistic Preaching”
John Piper, “Preaching to Suffering People”
John MacArthur, “A Reminder to Shepherds”
The review primarily provides exemplary quotes from key themes addressed in the essays.

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Mark and Hannah said...

Your "not in full mode" still makes my blogging look pathetic.
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