Monday, June 05, 2006

Eric Alexander and Unction

At the recent pastors’ luncheon in Memphis I mentioned previously, I had a number of good conversations. One was with a pastor who told me about a fairly recent conversation he had with Eric Alexander, the Scottish preacher regarded by many as one of the great preachers of our era. The man with whom I spoke expressed to Alexander his appreciation saying, “When I hear you preach I sense the real presence of God.” Alexander thanked him saying, “That is something for which I have prayed all my ministry.”
I thought that this was a humble way to receive such a compliment and a good encouragement to pray regularly for the Lord’s blessing on our preaching, for what the Puritans called ‘unction.’ We must labor to understand the text and to express it well; but, then it all depends on the Lord’s blessing of our labors to take His word and apply it powerfully to the hearts and minds of men.

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Anonymous said...

Eric Alexander preached at Southern a few years ago and it was blessing to hear him. The idea of unction was introduced to me through the book Spirit Empowered Preaching by Arturo Azudia. I believe that much the preaching in our churches are lacking this quality. This book deserves a wide reading! I do not remember where I got the book, but I believe it was from prof at Union! :)