Wednesday, December 06, 2006

O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?

O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?, Calvin Miller
Broadman & Holman, 2006

I am writing a review of this book for the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology so in fairness, I cannot write a full review here. Let me just say that this is a very valuable book on pastoral ministry, a tract for our time. There are things I would say differently, a place or two which concerned me, but overall this is an excellent book. If every pastor would read it and heed it, we would be much better off. It is a short, easy read as well so many might read this when they would not read other things.

In typical Miller story-telling fashion he lampoons a common view of success in pastoral ministry (gathering more and more people into your service) and argues that pastoral care is an essential part of pastoral ministry. He focuses on hospital visitation, but the principle points to the larger issue of the oversight of souls, keeping up with each of those under our care a ministering to them as individuals. Readers of this blog will know that this resonates with the key theme of what is written here. Get a copy for yourself, and give copies to other pastors. It would make a great gift for pastors this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Dr Van Neste,

To hear the words "oversight of souls" is such a statement. The church must return to the Biblical methodology of working for the eternal joy and spiritual needs of the flock and not providing therapy for their worldly endurance.

Is this book available at Lifeway?

Thanks for your extra time and care to others growth in Christ, it is my prayer that your family will be well.

Ray Van Neste said...

Thanks, Trcay. My family seems to be on the mend this morning.

This book is at Lifeway.

Sam Bullington said...

Got the book. Read it. It's pretty refreshing. Every minister should read it. Thanks for pointing it out.