Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Horton on the Pastorate

The article by Michael Horton which I mentioned in the previous post is now available online. This is a helpful article critiquing many common assumptions about what pastors should be and do.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I appreciate the point he makes about the burn out effect that happens when pastors constantly search and employ the next best thing or what may seem culturally innovative.

I think it is a fine line between being creative and imitating the culture. I think you can be creative and "innovative" as long as it doesn't compromise the message. Sometimes I think pastors can be shortsighted in being "innovative" by thinking that there are no consequences for our methods. The message may not be directly compromised, but the methods may lead to some unintended consequences which may appear later down the road and possibly have a worse effect.

There are so many voices out there telling people how to do ministry. As a young guy, it can be a little disconcerting and disorienting. However, I am reminded of my great need for God's Word to permeate my life in order that I may know God deeply and make wise choices as a growing Christian.


Adam said...

For some reason I keep thinking of "Horton Hears a Who" when I see this title. How are things progressing in Jackson these days?

Ray Van Neste said...

Yes, Adam, I thought a while about trying to make soem allusion to that title!
Some walls (framing) have gone up on the new buildings already!