Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introducing A Church to Psalm Singing

Last week James Grant, pastor of FBC Rossville, TN, spoke at Union as part of our Psalms Project. James’ title was "How I Introduced Psalm Singing to My Church...Without Getting Fired!"(link will take you to the audio). James knows more about Psalm singing than any other Baptist pastor I know and he did an excellent job. He has commented on this topic at his blog previously. He discussed how Psalm singing was a basic element of Christian worship from the beginning of the church until just about 150 years ago and then demonstrated how easy it is to begin singing metrical psalms to familiar hymn tunes.

Few of the people in attendance had sung psalms before but they easily caught on. We even sang Chad Davis’s version of Psalm 29 which no one had sung in a group before and went very well.

I encourage you to listen to James’s presentation and consider how your church might incorporate the songs which God gave us in His word.

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