Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Reading, Greek

Greek students often ask what they can do over the summer to maintain the Greek they have learned and to really begin to use it. Pastors who have been out of school for a while often ask about tools to help revive their Greek skills. For both groups, and anyone interested in reading the Greek New Testament, I heartily recommend The UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader's Edition.

This edition makes reading the Greek New Testament very accessible. I heartily commend it. It is a good way to make Greek a part of your summer reading.


Anonymous said...

Is this similar to Zondervan's Reader's Greek NT but based on the UBS text?
Also, how about a general Summer reading list?

Scott V

Ray Van Neste said...

It is similar to the Zondervan one but the running dictionary is more user friendly. The ZOnd. was annoying to me both because of the idiosyncratic text and the helps at the bottom of the page were arranged in a more difficult way.

I hope to put up some fuerther thoughts on summer reading soon!

Anonymous said...

I thought that text annoying also!