Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Preaching Apocalyptic

Last week Justin Taylor posted a link to a booklet by David Helm on Preaching Apocalyptic. I have printed it and looked it over. It looks really good and I commend it to other preachers. Interestingly, the Sunday before this was posted Chad Davis, one of my fellow pastors, preached on Daniel 7, an apocalyptic passage. Chad’s sermon is a good example of handling these difficult passages well. Even though he had not had yet seen Helm’s booklet he made several of the same points in his introduction. Rather than getting bogged down in speculations about things the scripture does not tell us, Chad pointed us to the grand truths which are the key concern of the text- evil powers will continue to rise and assault God’s people, and we must hold fast knowing that the day will come when Christ will subdue the all powers and crush his enemies.

I commend this pamphlet and sermon to you as helpful resources as we seek to preach faithfully the whole counsel of God.

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