Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Living in Light of Christ’s Return

Tomorrow I will be in Middle TN along with Greg Thornbury for a pastors conference focused on Christ’s return. Our focus will not be on millennial theories, date setting, etc. but on how the New Testament urges us to live in light of this truth.

It is being sponsored by area associations, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and Union University. It will be held at FBC Goodlettsville (615-447-0401 OR EMAIL: You can contact today to register or just come on for the sessions.

The schedule is as follows:
9:00am- Greg Thornbury, “666”
10:15am- Ray Van Neste, “How Does the New Testament Apply the Truth of Christ’s Return”
11:30am- Lunch (if pre-registered)
1:00pm- Ray Van Neste, “Pastoring and Serving in Light of Christ’s Return”


Rex Wheeler said...

Love the blog. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to pass along some disturbing new I found out. I read about a guy who leaned that the rescue mission he supports uses a fund raising company called Omnicom that also supports a gay and lesbain site called FH Out Front. I know Im going to be more careful to check on these thigs. Just wanted to pass it on.

Jeff Lash said...

I heard it went well. My friend from the TBC attended and said she really enjoyed it. Wish I could have made it. She told me that they are planning to do some more like it in the near future...that it's connected to the Hendersonville program...correct?