Thursday, May 14, 2009

Second Coming of Christ Conference

I was privileged last week to speak along with my dean, Greg Thornbury, at the Second Coming of Christ Conference at FBC Goodletsville (TN), sponsored by Union University, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and several local Baptist Associations. The people in attendance were wonderful and we had a good time studying the scripture. The messages (with links to audio) were:
Session 1 - Greg Thornbury - 666, The Apostle John, Emperor Domitian & What 'Left Behind' Didn't Teach You
Session 2 - Ray Van Neste - How the New Testament Applies the Truth of Christ's Return
Session 3 - Ray Van Neste - Pastoring and Serving in Light of Christ's Return (2 Cor 4-5)

Greg’s address focused on the historical setting of Revelation making the point that this book is not about abstract speculation but is the ultimate tract of political resistance. It is a clarion call to remain faithful to the one Lord, Christ, in the face of persecution by would-be gods.

In my first address I sought to survey key NT references to Christ’s return demonstrating the the NT does not encourage us to speculation. Rather, when the NT refers to Christ’s return it uses this doctrine to urge us to holiness and to the task of taking the gospel to the nations.

In my second address I examined 2 Cor 4-5 noting how the truths of Christ’s return and the resurrection empowered the Apostle Paul to endure in difficult, unpopular ministry. These are not idle, abstract ideas but bedrock truths to help us look beyond what is seen, to live in light of eternity, and to endure joyfully.


Kenneth Ross said...


Thank you so much for posting these links. They have been energy food for my soul as I have listened to all three messages over the past 2 days. Real 1 Kings 19:8 stuff!

Who would have thought that your ministry in Tennessee would be used by the Holy Spirit to strengthen one of God's servants in Scotland? I too have preached a number of times in Peterhead Baptist Church. They are good folks, and were blessed by your ministry.

May you know the Lord's continuing hand on your ministry as together we look forward to Christ's appearing. This is our Blessed Hope; not only that we shall see him, but (an even greater marvel) we shall be like him.

"When we see Thee as Thou art,
love Thee with unsinning heart!"

Ray Van Neste said...

Hey Kenneth!
Great to hear from you! I am very glad and humbled that this could be an encouragement to you.
May the Lord continue to bless your labors there!